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Solar Screens stop the Sun! 

We now offer Solar screens to protect you from the harmful effects of the Sun!

Solar Shade Screens in Jacksonville, FL

  • Protect your furniture and carpets
  • Protect your family and pets
  • Keep your room up to 20 degrees cooler!
  • Save up to 20% on Air Conditioning!
  • Solar shade screens increase your comfort and add value to your home

Much as traditional awnings do, Solar screens add comfort and elegance to your home or business. Every building has that "Hot Spot" where you just can't seem to get comfortable. This is usually due to excessive radiation entering through glass. Glass intensifies the harmful effects and heat from the Sun much as a "Green House" does.

You can easily solve this problem with awnings or Solar screens, which never allow harmful UV rays into your home or business in the first place.

No entry = No extra heat!

You save big money and stay cooler while doing it!

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