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Permitting and Engineering

These days permitting and engineering are required of every commercial and some residential applications. Our state of the art drawing programs not only give you a scaled preview of your awning design but are ready for engineering.

Stamped engineered drawings are required for any permit application. The county or municipality will rely on these drawings to assure that awnings and/or frames meet all codes and wind requirements.

As a licensed contractor, CBC1255294, Boree Canvas has the skills, knowledge, and documentation to get your project approved and to insure that all requirements have been met. Beware of unlicensed contractors, it not only could cost you in the long run but is against Florida Statutes. 

Signs and Graphics

Awning signs are heavily regulated these days, local municipalities and historic districts have very stringent rules regarding size, style, appropriateness etc.

At Boree Canvas we do all of our graphics in house and have the knowledge and experience to get you the most bang for your dollar. We are the only awning company in northeast Florida to offer the Sunbrella Graphics System. Crisp, colorful, computer cut lettering and logos applied to Sunbrella acrylic fabrics.

We can handle all of your permitting and design needs so that your awning brings in the customers!

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